The Blog

This is our space.

A digital space where content is driven by the local creative culture.

We tell stories.

Stories of the magnitudes of voiceless Africans whose lives are influenced by this ‘creative culture’.

Africa is finding its voice. Who better to tell our stories and experiences than us?

Purpose driven.. otherwise, what’s the point?

We are proud advocates of the African creative culture. 

We believe that any initiative which a creative individual endeavours in, has the power to shape the overall narrative of the collective (ordinary individuals). Our communities are filled with such individuals whose stories may never see the light of day. We aim to tap into those untold stories and share them with the world.

We are also driven by the firm belief that every single individual has the ability to create. And that this power, which rests in all of us, can be easily forgotten.

So we hope that the stories we tell can serve as an inspiration to ignite that innate ability within all of us.

The story of the crown

‘That’s My Crown’ is about the ownership and responsibility we have (or should have) towards our talents and abilities. 

Inspired by the founding blogger’s struggles towards self-discovery, it is the strength within all of us that we find in standing tall and confident; owning up to what you believe is rightfully yours – whether it be your talent, your hustle or ability to just create – and saying: “That is MY crown”.

So, therefore, we view a persons ‘crown’ as their ability to just be themselves, excel in self-worth, be unapologetic about it and own the narrative of their story.

This digital space is a royal ground for Queens and Kings who have: discovered their crowns; claimed their crowns; and are now wearing them with pride. We say it loud, we say it with pride…