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Conversations that prove why Port Elizabeth women are a force to be reckoned with!

Closing women’s month in style, the annual Women’s Dinner Conversation 2019 – hosted by Rare Dynamites Planners – was an unforgettable evening of intimate conversations and networking for women. Served over a delicate three-course meal at the lush Muse Restaurant in Stanley Street, Port Elizabeth.

The session included a list of prominent women in Port Elizabeth, that are making moves in their respective industries. Speaking of the event, Nomfundo Nondzube – host and co-owner of Rare Dynamites Planners stated that: “I wanted to create a platform where women can come together and talk about their successes, struggles and grow each other through conversation.”

Nomfundo Nondzube, founder of ‘Rare Dynamites Planners’ and Host of the annual Women’s Dinner Conversations 2019, doing final checks on the venue for the event. Photo by: Kr8tofficial

The evening was clad with wise words and women sharing their careers, family and life journeys. It kicked off with the first guest speaker of the evening, Toni Williams.

Toni Williams 

Toni Williams, founder and owner at ‘Talk with Toni’. She is a prolific Master of Ceremonies and media professional in Nelson Mandela Bay rendering her speech. Photo by: Kr8tofficial

One thing that stood out the most about Toni’s speech is when she mentioned that; in whatever profession you’re in – always make sure that you are the best in your field. When people think about your trade, your name should be high on the list of recommendations.

She mentioned that as women, we have everything we need within us to accomplish all our goals. That “talk is cheap and women must rise”.

Zimsto eRoofini 

Zimsto eRoofini, a talented and prolific musician from Nelson Mandela Bay performing one of her numbers. Photo by: Kr8tofficial

Zimsto serenaded us with her captivating presence and intoxicating sound.

Being known as a person who speaks her mind and stands her ground, you cannot deny the fact that she knows who she is and is unapologetic about it. Zimsto is a gem and definitely one to look out for. Not just for her music, but her wisdom too.

Daphne Malizole

“In order to get what you want in life, you need to invest.”

Daphne Malizole, a successful Forex Investor and Trader. Photo by: Kr8tofficial

When you think about the general aesthetic of people who are good with numbers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is kaki pants and checked shirt. But Daphne is one of those people who defy such stereotypes.

She is an image of eloquence and intelligence. A dignified woman who clearly proves that you can be a mother, a wife, sister, daughter and still be a successful business woman and infiltrate male dominated spaces.

Dineo Yolanda Nelani “King D” 

“Be comfortable in your own skin.”

Founder of “Iz’Dudla zase Bhayi” and influential body image activist, Dineo Yolanda Nelani – aka “King D”. Photo by: Kr8tofficial

I can only think of two words to describe Dineo: Confidence Personified.

Her confidence is like a wave that engulfs everyone around her. She’s the kind of person that will make you believe in yourself even when you don’t want to. It’s a wonder that she is able to build such a massive following from women all over the country with her body positivity movement for plus-sized women, Iz’Dudla zase Bhayi

Cingiwe Skosana

“It takes a village to raise a child and an effort to develop a community.”

Cingiwe Skosana, PR and Marketing Officer at The PE Opera House. Photo by:

Such elegance and grace. With a personality big enough to fill up a stadium!

Cingiwe is the epitome of resilience and how belief in oneself is the potent trait we all need to have in order to overcome our obstacles. She highlighted the important roles our families have in development our confidence.

There is something magical about women standing together as one.

South Africa witnessed it 63 years ago when twenty thousand women marched in unison, against a system of oppression and racial segregation, during a time when exercising your basic human rights meant jail or death. 

Since 1995, every year after that we have had the honour of commemorating the bravery of those women. However, celebrating women for 31 days in an entire year is not enough. We need more gatherings like this. Creating more spaces where we, as women, can draw inspiration from each other. Sharing stories that demonstrate our power in business, personal development and growth. 

Feziwe Jonas, business woman and owner of ‘Diamond Boutique Hair Salon’ sharing laughter with a friend. Photo by:

“Ayikho inkomo yobuthongo”

“Ayikho inkomo yobuthongo”, meaning you cannot spend too much time in your bed and still expect to succeed. These are words that were shared by the owner of Diamond Boutique Hair Salon, Feziwe Jonas.

A special thanks to Nomfundo Nondzube and her team for successfully carrying out such an auspicious event and proving that dynamites truly do come in small packages. We need more events like this.

More images from the event by Kr8tofficial below.



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