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#HipHopFriday’s on PE’s Bay FM 107.9 is doing it for the culture!

Friday’s are STRICTLY Hip Hop. Why? Because we said so.

We are the brand new hosts of #HipHopFridays on Bay FM 107.9. A radio show that has been on air, every Friday, since the 12th of April 2019.

#HipHopFridays is a space where local Hip Hop lovers get to come together and enjoy local talent; with their favourite Hip Hop bops, through the universal language of music which connects us all.

#HipHopFridays is first and foremost, HIP HOP. It is an extension of the greater Hip Hop culture that goes even beyond music. Secondly, our main aim is to create a platform where EC Hip Hop can grow and get to contend for the same recognition as other national, even international artists.

These are the faces behind the new Voice of Hip Hop in the Bay:

Tasko Music

Tasko is a hip hop musician who has been in the EC Hip Hop game van tuka af.

#HipHopFridays is more than a radio show. It is a movement where everyone happens to love Hip Hop. A platform where we all get together for the love of the culture.

It is a show that will give EC musicians an opportunity to shine and learn more about the local Hip Hop culture.”


LILANGA is the author and creator of thatsmycrown.com, an actress, film student and overall media enthusiast. Photo by: Luxolo Witvoet.

“I see myself as a cultural activists first. Fashion, music, art and our lifestyle are all elements that make up our youth culture in SA.

Hip Hop on its own, has the power to expedite our cultural movement. That, along with the power of the internet and technology on our hands, gives us a fair chance in getting our voices heard and our footprints matched with others from all over the globe.

#HipHopFridays is an extension of that greater movement.”

What you can look forward to on #HipHopFridays


New hosts on Bay FM’s #HipHopFridays, LILANGA and Tasko Music. Photo by: DJ Sebz.

As mentioned before, #HipHopFridays is a platform that aims to introduce EC Hip Hop to the world. We want the world to love, enjoy and growth with EC Hip Hop. We will also be working with the platform thatsmycrown.com in giving a space for that growth. So look out for:

> Exclusive covers and interviews with some of the most respected names in EC Hip Hop. Including some familiar faces and brand new ones too!

> Our team also includes a super talented filmmaker who will be capturing every moment and documenting it for YouTube. So watch out for that.

> Podcasts are the in thing right now, so if you miss any of our shows, you will be able to catch up with them on SoundCloud

> We are passionate about education within the entertainment sector, where there seems to be a lack. So we will be reaching out to experts and professionals in the music/entertainment spaces to give us insight on the business of music.

EXCLUSIVE: for the next few weeks we will be releasing exclusive covers featuring the HOTTEST names in EC Hip Hop! These will include podcasts of the interviews that we did on our previous shows. July is going to be a #HipHopFridays galore!

We have plenty more exciting things lined up and cannot wait to grow the show and see it become an influential member of the Hip Hop community in Nelson Mandela Bay and the rest of Eastern Cape. 

Catch us every Friday: on Bay FM 107.9 in Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding areas. Or you can connect with us WhatsApp on: +27 61 437 9601 or online via: www.bayfm.co.za

Featured image by: DJ Sebz.

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