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Dare to be bold with Athleisure by ‘Gordon’s House of Six’!

So for the next few days i’m going to be serving you guys what I like to call “Sauwce”. Basically giving flames left right and centre and as the Queen B would say – “Ska ba hemisa. Ska bafa chance. Ska ba forgiva!” and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

This feature of TAP Into Your Style is a little different. It’s more personal and is serving confidence in all angles. It was so windy when we shot this but I enjoyed every least bit of! I don’t plan on talking much but I just want to give you guys a rough idea of this feature before we get grinding. So without further ado, here’s who you can expect on this feature:

The Designer

Gordon’s House of Six is a Cape Town-based fashion design brand created by siblings Isaac Gordon and Sammy-joe Gordon. They specialise in urban street wear for both male and female, and sometimes do kiddies wear.

The look featured in this book is part of their winter wear and athleisure inspired collection.
For more information, please check them out on Instagram: @gordonshouseofsix.

The Photographer

Luvuyo Wogqoyi is a young and talented photographer from Nyanga. He is also part of a group of photographers who call themselves iSkeem Semicimbi. Luvuyo is one of those people whose work does the talking for itself. He does everything from street photography to editorials. You can check his work out on Instagram: @lwogqoyi.

The Blogger

Needs no introduction. Your’s truly, Yolanda Soginga, is the mastermind behind TAP Into Your Style, and basically everything else you see on this blog.

Great! Now that we’re done with the formalities, lets get started!

Click HERE to view or download the first look of Issue 2. Otherwise, here’s a quick sneak peak.. enjoy!



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PS: if you would like the High Res version of this look book, please send an email to info@thatsmycrown.com

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