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TAP Into: Luthii Leather

Welcome to the First Edition of the  ‘TAP Into Your Style’ cover booklet. It’s been a long way coming and we have finally made a debut! We haven’t formally introduced ourselves, so here it goes…

‘TAP’ started off as an initiative towards promoting the local fashion scene. Introducing and exposing fashion brands, art’s and craft to an audience wider than these brands usually get.

We started off as a web-series (of which we still are, so watch out for that). But we decided to compile this little cover “booklet” for people who may not be able to watch our series. [Also to kind of give our audience a bit of an idea of what we’re all  about before we officially launch].

‘TAP Into Your Style’ is a platform that aims to promote and broadcast “untapped” African fashion and exposing it to the “Average Jo” as a means of making designer fashion accessible to everyone.

This first issue ‘TAPs’ into the style of one of the most authentic leather brands around Cape Town, Luthii Leather. Allow us to give you insight on what this beautiful brand is all about, we hope you enjoy it!

Luthii Leather 
Shopper bag and head accessory by @luthii

Luthii is a leisure leather brand founded by Thembi  in 2013.  It is a locally produced brand that prides itself in pure craftsmanship and authenticity by using the finest leather Southern Africa has to offer.

The ‘Luthii’ backpack.

According to Thembi, all she wanted to do when she started the brand was to “fulfil wishes”. She has always had a great love for leather, which is a taste that she inherited from her mother…

To download/view the PDF version of this cover, click HERE. If you would like the High Res version of the PDF, you can request it via email: info@thatsmycrown.com



  1. This is so dope. Looove the leather shorts! Luthii Leather has really brought it and I can tell it’s still going to bring more of the greatness. Can’t wait t hear and see more of this.

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