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Khayelitsha Fashion Week ’17: Day 2

It’s been a week since I went to the #KFW17 and I know I promised you guys Day 2’s festivities last week already, but hey – life happens and better late than never right? So here it is!

Day 2 of #KFW17 was a mixture of emotion and a fiasco of cultural excellence! It went from being a fashion show to being the most exhilarating display of artistic genius I have ever witnessed in a very long time!

By far the best displays of the day came from the music performances. I have never seen such great power from young people all at once, in one place – I was shocked out of words to say.

It’s so difficult to even pick which one of the musical performances as my favourite, because each artist that i’m about to mention brought something unique and interesting to the stage! I had the pleasure of speaking to a few of the musicians that blessed us that day. In no particular order, allow me to introduce to you these extremely talented artists:

Siyabulela Gaqavu – aka “The Captain”.


Siyabulela is a 25 year old rapper from Khayelitsha. He refers to himself as “your different kind of rapper – and not your usual”, which I completely agree with! Filled with loads of energy and flamboyance – Siyabulela gave me the kind of show I will never forget! Before him, I had never seen a rapper that twerks to his own music – operative word “HIS”, and I loved it! This guy is a game changer and he is here to shake the hip hop scene with a tsunami.

According to him, #KFW17 was his first performance eKasi and he didn’t even know what to expect. He usually does corporate gigs and has opened for Micasa at the CTICC. He took the crowed by surprise and we loved him! For me, there is only two words I could use to describe Siyabulela (ok maybe two): THE FUTURE.

Abafana’ Bay’ Two (Zuks and A-Two)


A ‘Spaza’ hip hop duo that chose to stay true to a dying rap style, Xhosa hip hop – regardless of the fact that a lot of people shifted from it.

They see themselves as a unique duo, in the sense that, in an industry that seems to have no space for authentic Xhosa rap, they are exposing that gap and keeping up with the trend at the same time. Making Spaza sound more current and trendy, keeping it relevant to the current sound in hip hop. Their performance was electrifying and I see a huge gap for them in the market.



To be honest with you guys, Ayanda’s performance left me with the most confusing feeling in my heart. Last time I checked I went to Khayelitsha for fun and excitement – next thing you know – here’s this guy, in just 15 minutes – takes me through all the emotions I have ever experienced in my life. I felt a deep sense of sadness and love – the kind of depth that rocked my soul to the core!

What!? Who is he? Where did he come from? And why did he have me questioning my entire existence as a human being?? I just had to speak to him and I did! Coming from a film background – he is a music producer, sound engineer and song writer – doing music for films.

He performed soundtracks from some of the films he’s worked on. A mixture of deep African sounds , Opera and Jazz – he has this way of capturing your heart in a way that is totally unexpected. The only way to understand his sound is to listen to it. I have NEVER in my life heard anything like what Aylo does and it was incredible.

Other Worthy Mentions 


If you know her please tag her and tell her she is beautiful and amazing! Also one of the models, this young lady right here showed us fierce and and an unparalleled sense of confidence which I must applaud!

Live band 

#KFW17 proved to me that it is more than just a cute display of great looking faces and bodies, draped in pretty clothes. What Bongani, Asanda and the rest of their team have done for their hood is beyond incredible!

They managed to find a tasteful way of bringing Kasi talent together and expose it to the world at large. There were all types of media you could think of! From Expresso (check out the YouTube video below), to Afternoon Express, Radio and news – they did a job ‘well done’ in creating worthy publicity for such a great event. I am so grateful they gave me an opportunity to witness #KFW17 for what it truly was, majestic and highly authentic.

Nesh Couture models getting in formation with the MC, Sinalo “Bhut Fleeky” Jonas.

More than anything else, #KFW17 for me, is an attempt filled with great potential. The organisers took great care into making sure that they gave their all into creating this spectacle and it was reciprocated in the appreciation audiences like myself had of the entire experience! I look forward to seeing them grow into the future. I predict that this is going to probably be one of the best social cultural experiences for life eKasi.

In IsiBhaca we would say: “Ayitula tuli. It akum, ite kuwe, ite phasi – yeye’sgodzi! Siphotile asimongetanga.” Ask me in the comment section what that means and I will tell you 😉 till next time!

Love Yoli xxx

PS: Watch out for the street style edition of #KFW17 on #TAPIntoYourStyle


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